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With The Sipping Societea, you can explore new tea blends without having to commit to a large amount. With two sizes to choose from, you can get just a taste or a li'l bit more. See below for our new featured teas.

New Teas for May

  • Organic Blanc Champagne

    Luxury white tea forms the base of this delicious blend along with a full muscatel (grape) flavor and a hint of currant. Celebrate the everyday with this tea-take on a glass of bubbly!

  • Lemon Shortbread

    An herbal blend of tart lemon peel, pure lavender, sweet apple, rose hips, and hibiscus, plus the unique addition of white chocolate chips make it purely decadent, with a taste like a buttery rich lemon shortbread cookie!

  • Organic Lavender Lime

    This fragrant black tea is infused with a lovely lime and lavender aroma. In addition, you'll find a hint of eucalyptus and mint flavor to balance this delightful and unique blend.